Ariel Winter Got A Breast Reduction

The only things I really know about Ariel Winter is that she is/was in Modern Family and had some weird shit going on with her family for a while that I skimmed over when it was happening. Sorry, Ariel. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time that I didn’t read about. But today I learned she’s 5’1″ and had size 32F boobs. Keyword being “had”.

On the morning of June 4—a little more than two months ago—Winter woke up ready to put the physical and emotional pain behind her. Having only told a select few family and friends, the Modern Family star underwent breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of her chest from a 32 F to a 34 D. The result for Winter was noticeable right away. Throughout the course of our exclusive sit-down interview, she mentions frequently that she “feels like a new person.” Winter knows the physical difference is what everyone will be talking about, but it’s the emotional change that’s most evident.

A 32F to a 32D. *pours out entire 40, throws bottle against wall, grabs another one, pours out half* Why have you forsaken me?