Olivia Culpo Got Naked For Treats (And Other Stuff)

The only thing I know about Olivia Culpo is that she won a Miss USA once and dated Nick Jonas before he found out he had to be gay and pawn his purity ring to sell album downloads (he only sold 182,000 in a year since Nick Jonas isn’t part of the gay agenda). Today, Olivia Culpo taught me that a magazine called Treats exists by posing naked in it. Treats wants you to pay $30 to see the rest of the pics, but since the pics don’t come with a blowjob and I don’t know how to pull the rest off, you can see three more here. The rest of the gallery is all our Instagram favorites who have put up new shit since the last time I made them link posts. I also looked up dryer parts while I was doing that because my dryer is broken. I won’t apologize for my my life being so fascinating.