Charlotte McKinney Wants You To Stop With The Kate Upton Comparisons

Page Six has gone all in on Charlotte McKinney, so they had a Twitter Chat with her today where she answered questions from readers. Because when I think of Charlotte McKinney, I think what are her likes and dislikes? What are her inner most thoughts? Does she think the science of atmospheric conditions can be refuted as they apply to #DeflateGate? Haha jk, when I think of her I think about her not talking and me banging her. Also, she’s really over the Kate Upton comparisons, you guys.

@mikeblaustein  I’m over it. I believe we’re two totally different people and we have different career paths. #AskCharlotte

I think the biggest difference is that Kate Upton has been on the cover of Vogue and Sports Illustrated and Charlotte McKinney has been on the cover of a club flyer. Not sure what kind of career path she wants, but somebody should point out that careers go to DWTS when they have nowhere else to go. The only thing that’s really left for her to do know is go topless and any and every opportunity so she can marry a baseball player so she can get pregnant immediately and just worry about the path to the ATM.