Hilary Duff Is On Tinder (Maybe), Wants Pizza

Tinder is the best place to meet women who say “not looking for a hookup!” in their bio of an app specifically designed for hookups then hooking up with them on the first “date” then never speaking to them again because you have like 20 more matches waiting to hook up, so screw you dude who gets to take Hilary Duff out “for pizza”. Note: I used quotation marks, because what’s in quotations doesn’t mean what it actually means. It’s like typed out air quotes. Pretty cool, huh?!

A Reddit user claims to have stumbled on her profile while swiping one night, sharing it with his fellow Tinder bros online and anxiously awaiting to see if a match would blossom from his discovery. It did not, but some super sleuths online feel like it might be the real Duff after comparing the Tinder profile to her Instagram page. Still, there’s plenty of people crying fake.

I mean, this is probably fake, but I’d like to live in a world where Hilary Duff is on Tinder and would swipe right on a brown dude visiting Los Angeles with an above average sized penis and an affinity for pizza and white girl vagina. This could either be me or my cousin Patrick.