Jennifer Lawrence Says She’s Done With X-Men Crap

Jennifer Lawrence has convinced people she’s an actor (her movies make a profit, so she’s a famous actor), so she’s decided to move on from cinema vomit that is comic book movies. X-Men: Apocalypse is reportedly her last one. 

Given how in demand Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult and James McAvoy are outside the X-Men franchise, and the fact that their contracts are up after next year’s Apocalypse, it makes sense that they may all be headed elsewhere once their latest mission is completed. Asked by MTV on a red carpet about that very subject, Lawrence has confirmed that she, at least, considers Apocalypse her last X-Men movie. While the story of Magneto (Fassbender) and Lawrence’s Mystique is reportedly a big part of the new film’s story, there’s also scope for Bryan Singer and co. to start wrapping it up. And given the amount of new mutants – younger versions of Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and more – introduced this time, it already feels like the filmmakers are laying the groundwork for the likes of Magneto, Mystique, Beast and Professor X to take a back seat to the others, or at least drastically reduce their screentime. Or there is always the chance that the roles will be recast. 

If we’re really being honest with ourselves here, Jennifer Lawrence has been in two good movies: Winter’s Bone and Silver Lining’s Playbook (and she was kinda annoying in that) That’s it. American Hustle was a horrific mistake for everyone involved and The Hunger Games are just the Disney version of Battle Royale with white people. And her last movie went straight to VOD. But even she’s smart enough to stop doing comic movies. Because, well, they’re dumb. And I don’t…what? No, YOU’RE DUMB! Wait, what did you just say about my mama? I mean, that’s most true, but that’s no reason to bring that up.