Amber Rose Just Responded To Kanye

The Amber Rose/Khloe Kardashian twitter feud was stuff of legend earlier this week, in which Amber Rose held Khloe’s severed head above the Internet and ate the marrow from her bones before making a necklace out her rib cage. But since it wasn’t Beyonce being attacked, Kanye West took a few days to respond (you can hear the whole interview here). He basically confirmed that Tyga is dating 17-year Kylie Jenner, and seemingly condoned statutory rape by saying Tyga, “got in early”. He also said he daughter, North West, “has a chance to be as voluptuous as Kim”. I guess he’s set aside a trust for the surgeries since he’s already thinking about dat ass on a toddler. A far as Amber goes, Kanye said he had to “take 30 showers” after he dated her. Then Amber replied.


I don’t know much about Amber Rose, but I assume she can throw shoryukens in real life.