Jay Z Got Hit With A Paternity Suit

Yay! Blue Ivy has a 21-year old big brother! How exciting!

Jay Z has been blasted with a paternity suit that claims he blatantly lied to a New Jersey court to avoid taking a DNA test that could prove he’s the father of a secret love child — who is now 21 years old, according to legal documents. Rymir Satterthwaite alleges that his mother, Wanda, hooked up with the 45-year-old rapper and entrepreneur in the early 1990s and the two engaged in numerous sex romps before Shawn Corey Carter had become the megastar he is today, the National Enquirer reports. Acting through legal guardian and paralegal Lillie Coley, Satterthwaite filed a civil lawsuit in December 2014 in which he accused Jay Z of lying in court when he tried to weasel out of taking a paternity test. Satterthwaite has been fighting to get Jay Z to take the test since 2010, when Wanda took the entertainer to court after it was declared that another man in question was not the father.

If  he knows he’s not the father, then taking a paternity test would prove it. Waiting four years just proves he’s kinda waiting for a freak accident or an act of the Illuminati so he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. As a man, I appreciate his talent to tune this whole thing out, but maybe his son likes truffles and Gwyneth Paltrow movies as well. They could have a lot of things in common.