Selena Gomez’s Ankle Has Pissed Off The Muslims

Selena Gomez Ankle Mosque


Her ankle. Selena Gomez showed her ankle. People are upset about this.

When the group and their pals visited the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque on Dec. 29, they raised some eyebrows by posting goofy Instagram pictures. Gomez, 22, got the brunt of the hate when she posted a now-deleted picture of herself popping her leg out to show off her bare ankle — a sign of impropriety in the Muslim culture.  “I was just thinking, why purposely go to a sacred place and do something considered disrespectful?” one commenter wrote. 

You wanna know why I hate fundamentalist religions and organized religion in general? Because this is the type of shit they get mad about, so the full wrath of god has to come at Selena Gomez through Instagram comments, because if you just look around or flip on the news, you can see the full wrath of god isn’t coming from anywhere else. I mean, it’s stupid. Religion is stupid. Like, Mike and Kenny can’t adopt an orphaned child because you think Mike and Kenny can’t get married? Like you really want to kill a pregnant woman to save the life of her unborn baby then gonna tell me all life is precious? You want to cut off a man’s head and send the video to every news outlet because you’re in a holy war? You want to stone a woman to death for wearing a dress, because god can’t even with chicks wearing dresses? You want me to pray for your 18-year old son who you’re proud to go see die in a war that’s making a lot of people rich,  and if he makes it back, those people might not want to be bothered with giving him the proper healthcare? If there’s a god, none of these are his plans. Let’s just take a minute to all agree on that. And no, tolerance is never going to happen. Sorry to say. Because how can you be tolerant of something that you think god told you wasn’t true? Nobody will ever get along. And if you’re a person who believes in god and you’re mad at me, what religion are you? I’m gonna guess you’re the religion that’s most popular in the country where you live. Ever thought how convenient that is? Man, you really lucked out on that one.