Lindsay Lohan Has Some Kind Of Virus

It was inevitable that Lindsay Lohan would contract a virus at some point, but if you didn’t bet on “French mosquitoes”, I’m afraid that you have lost some money.

The troubled actress, 28, was diagnosed with the Chikungunya virus during her French Polynesian holiday. According to the World Health Organization, Chikungunya is transmitted through mosquito bites and causes fever, severe joint pain among other unpleasant symptoms. There is no cure; treatment primarily focus on reliving symptoms. “Before I got Chikungunya use bug spray please, God bless,” she tweeted on December 27. The following day she updated everyone on her condition saying, “Being sick is no fun. But happy new year everyone. Be safe. Love all.” She also refuses to let her illness keep her from a good time. “In good faith with good people,” she captioned an Instagram with friends. “I refuse to let a virus [affect] my peaceful vacation be safe and happy on the new year all #wildfox and positive, healthy new year.”

Lindsay is still partying and talking selfies with friends, so she’s basically the Ebola Nurse with slightly better eyebrows and more disposable income for cocaine.