Emma Watson Is Single

“Emma Watson upskirt” is the highest rated Google search term for IDLYITW, so Emma Watson upskirt. Emma Watson was once wearing a skirt and a photographer took a picture where you could see up it. In essence, and Emma Watson upskirt. Emma Watson also once had a boyfriend. She no longer has one now. Also, this post isn’t about an Emma Watson upskirt.

Emma Watson and boyfriend Matthew Janney, a top rugby player for Oxford University, have gone their separate ways. The 24-year-old actress and 22-year-old student, who is reading Russian at Oriel College, uncoupled a month ago but remain friends. The split, brought about by Ms Watson’s unrelenting work schedule, was described as ‘amicable’ by a spokesman for the actress. Contrary to reports, the pair had not moved in together.

Emma Watson is insanely hot, and although this post doesn’t contain an Emma Watson upskirt, it does provide vague, uninteresting details about her split with Matthew Janney. Matthew Janney, I might add, has seen an Emma Watson upskirt up close. He no longer has the privilege of being  able to do that. I would suggest he Google “Emma Watson upskirt” if he would like to see it again. Breakups can be difficult for all involved, and I feel that launching Google on your laptop browser and/or mobile device then typing “Emma Watson upskirt” would help the healing. I mean, not for him specifically, but I think it might help us all heal.