Yeah, So Judd Apatow Is Pretty Dumb

By now, you’re probably read the leaked emails from Sony executives where they split their time being dysfunctional, megalomaniacal assholes, tossing around racist shit about Obama,  trying to fit as much of Leonardo DiCaprio’s dick in their collective mouth as possible. But Judd Apatow, the abomination behind Cable Guy and movies where hot chicks fall in love with Seth Rogen, wants us to feel sorry for these people. Nah, son.





Yeah, so I’m pretty sure The Fappening was a sex crime designed to somehow punish women for being comfortable with their sexuality, and the Sony email leak is just a bunch of millionaires being horrific human beings in their insulated Hollywood bubble making jokes about Obama and Angelina Jolie while bleeding money from every possible orifice. I think Sorkin could write the script for this. Gonna pitch that to Scott Rudin.