Ariana Grande Wore This To The MTV EMAs

Ariana Grande performed as sexy Tron at the CMAs last week, then she performed as regular sex at the 2014 MTV EMAs this weekend. You’re probably reading this thinking that I post about Ariana Grande too much, but remember, any post about Ariana Grande is one less post about god or politics. See? Not so bad now is it? And nobody at Breitbart has an ass like this. You might also be thinking, “ew she looks like a 12-year old”. Subjective, I get that. But if you’re looking at these pics of a 21-year old chick and the first thing you can think of is a 12-year old, then maybe you’re on the wrong site. I mean, whatever you want to look at in the privacy of your own home, go for it. No judgment. This is America. I mean, the FBI will probably ask you about it, but get really belligerent and tell them you pay their salary. They’ll probably let you go.