Amanda Seyfried Said She Lost Roles For Being Too Fat

Amanda Seyfried is “overweight”? She obviously didn’t audition for  Under The Skin.

Amanda Seyfried is not fat — but Hollywood once thought she was. The Les Miserables actress took to her Twitter last month and admitted to followers that she almost didn’t land roles because she was considered “overweight.” “Fun fact: I almost lost out on several roles in my career because I was overweight. Wrong, America,” the slender blonde tweeted on Oct. 19. Although she didn’t specify which roles exactly, Seyfried’s hinted in the past about certain roles requiring her to be at a certain weight.

I met Amanda Seyfried in a bar in LA once in 2012, and she’s probably 90 pounds. 45 of those are tits are eyeballs, so I’m not sure how anybody could ever call her fat. On the other hand, can we please stop blaming Barbie dolls and Victoria’s Secrets models for how you feel about your body? Barbie dolls teach little girls unrealistic views of body image? Cool. You know what toy I had growing up? This guy. And not once did I feel pressured by society to get swole or keep a secret from my parents. Or have a best friend who was a girl. Or get “fabulous powers” once I touched a “magic sword” for the first time (see the secret from parents thing). I did have a pet cat though.