Kendall Jenner Is Obsessed With Chris Brown

Kendall Jenner Chris Brown


Kris Jenner uses Chinese child labor and her contract with E! The Devil to finance her empire of vapid whores who hypersexualized and overexposed as soon as their first eggs drops. Rob, who was cursed being born with a penis, is regulated to sleeping on couches and making socks, because he serves no other purpose in Kris Jenner’s world than being a write-off. Kendall Jenner just turned 18 and has already been naked in practically every photoshoot since, so it’s clear she doesn’t care what a dude does with her body. Even if that man wants to punch it a few times. And not in the good way. Oh, she’s also really dumb.

Even though there seems to be something going on between Kendall and Justin Bieber, KJ reportedly has her sights set on Chris Brown. And friends say she’s crossed the line between infatuation and unhealthy fixation. “Kendall is obsessed with Chris!” a source tells Us Weekly. Apparently, Kendall developed a thing for the rapper after Brown went clubbing with the Jenners back in July. Whatever happened that night must have made quite an impression on Kendall, as friends say she’s been hatching plans to cross paths with Breezy ever since.

It must take some kind of next level self-loathing and stupid to want to date a dude who beats up on women and throws fits during interviews, but please understand, we’re talking about the Kardashian family. They’d date a member of ISIS if he had a hookup at Vogue.