Miley Cyrus Really Needs Attention, You Guys

Miley Cyrus


We’ve gone through like four rounds of The Fappening, and Miley Cyrus hasn’t even been mentioned even though she’s changed her iCloud password to “flower” then “password”. Nobody wants to seem to go through the trouble of hacking her stuff, because we kinda already know what she’s working with and what she’s working with is just body parts that kinda resemble female human anatomy that have been manipulated by Nazi interspecies experiments. She’s pretty gross. But since she was a star at 12 or whatever, her ego and sense of entitlement is bigger than her ass, so she thinks she’s hot. So she takes topless selfie pics in the shower. Unclear if this is supposed to be sexy or this is part of an NFL anti-domestic violence ad.


pic source = Instagram