Kelly Brook Is Single Again

Kelly brook


Look at this picture of Kelly Brook. I mean, like really look at it. Then understand that David McIntosh is the second straight dude to cheat on her.

Former Gladiator David McIntosh is to jet to LA in a bid to salvage his relationship with Kelly Brook. The 28-year-old has told the model he wants to talk after she ended their engagement over fears he cheated with ex Sarah Harper, 33, which he denies. Friends say he is keen to settle down and have kids with Kelly, 34, and hoped to marry before Christmas. McIntosh said: “I am in still madly in love with Kelly. I have always felt she was my soul mate. “My heart has been left broken, but I will do anything to show that we can make it.”

Kelly Brook recently made some statements that she routinely slaps and punches her boyfriends and that’s okay because they’re big and “she’s a girl”. So long story short, a super hot chick is batshit crazy. Man, I wish there was historical evidence that this is a real phenomenon that would have warned him.