Ariana Grande Is A Monster

Ariana Grande Diva


Hey. guys. Ariana Grande went somewhere and was a huge bitch to everybody. Pretty shocking stuff!

Ariana Grande’s diva behavior continues. We’re told the “Problem” singer, who will only be photographed from her left side, was a problem on her Marie Claire cover shoot. Sources say Grande, who came with her mom, arrived late, was a “monster” about her hair and treated everyone terribly.

Then these are the next two sentences:

A mag rep said, “She did not postpone the shoot and nothing about her arrival time was a surprise to us. She was professional and accommodating and she posed for photos with editor Anne Fulenwider’s kids.”

Did Ariana steal the media’s boyfriend or something? The media seems to be really after her.  But you know what the media can’t touch, Ariana? Our hearts.