Iggy Azalea Signed Away Her Sex Tape In 2009

Iggy Azalea Sex Tape


So…there’s that I guess.

Iggy Azalea’s former boyfriend/manager now claims Iggy signed her rights away to him, giving him legal authority to market their sex tape … TMZ has learned. Hefe Wine says Iggy signed a lengthy agreement with him in 2009 — obtained by TMZ — which gives him exclusive rights to “manufacture, sell, distribute and advertise ‘any’ recording embodying visual images.” Iggy signed the contract to cut records and music videos, but Wine believes all he has to do is put a music bed under the sex tape which he claims would then give him exclusive rights to sell it. In other words, he believes Iggy has no legal ability to block a sex tape if he wants to sell it. What’s more … the contract provides that Wine has the legal right to create, host and maintain a website to market Iggy’s works, so he believes he could create a website which would host the video. 

That sounds pretty sketch, but I guess this means we’re all gonna get to see an Iggy Azalea sex tape. This will be the first video of hers I’ve ever seen, so well played, Iggy. Well played.