Ariana Grande Is Weird, Probably Has Body Dysmorphia

Ariana Grande Body Dysmorphia


Hot Level: 7 Crazy Level: 10. ABORT ABORT.

Over the past few weeks, rumors of Ariana Grande’s diva behavior have provided plenty of laughs and occasions for head shaking. Yesterday, Giuliana Rancic confirmed that the rumors are true. According to Rancic, Ariana is a full-blown primadonna and her weird quirk that’s been consistently chattered about is indeed a real thing: Yes, Ariana is obsessed with her left side. So obsessed, in fact that Ariana has canceled photo shoots out of fear that someone might snap a pic of her “bad side.” It’s odd, and amusing, and maybe a bit obnoxious-sounding, but now some folks are speculating that there could be more to Ariana’s Harvey Dent-like obsession with the hemispheres of her face than we originally thought: Various writers and social critics have begun theorizing that Ariana’s fear of being photographed on her right side could be a symptom of body dysmorphia – a mental illness that’s defined as “belief that one’s own appearance is unusually defective (worthy of hiding or fixing), although the perceived flaw might be nonexistent.” Body dysmorphia shares traits in common with OCD and eating disorders, so it’s possible that while we’ve all been mocking Ariana for her vanity, she may actually be thoroughly suffering in the spotlight. Worse, with round-the-clock feedback via social media (much of it from haters), experts say we can expect more and more child stars to grow up with similar afflictions.

I wouldn’t go as far too say she has body dysmorphia, she’s probably just a narcissist who got a really great compliment when a person was on her right side once and now she’s obsessed with it. But let’s forget her face for minute. Have I mentioned her ass? I feel like we have mentioned her ass. Gimme about 30 minutes on her ass, and I’ll get to her face shortly after that.  wait, was that too graphic? My apologies. But still.