Kate Middleton Is Knocked Up Again

Dutchess of Cambridge


“We’ll just dye it’s hair LOL.”


I’m not calling this chick “Duchess of Cambridge”, because that sounds like a made up character marketing came up with to put on a box of cookies, so I’m calling her Kate Middleton. Anyway, Kate Middleton is knocked up again, because I assume she has a lot of free time between salon appointments.Hair game too strong.

The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her second child. Kensington Palace said that – as when the duchess was pregnant with Prince George – she was suffering from very acute morning sickness and was being treated by doctors at the palace. Prince William and Catherine’s second baby will become fourth in line to the throne, behind older brother Prince George, who is 13 months old. The palace said the Queen and both families were delighted with the news.

The good news is that they are inbreeding like usual, but the bad news is that somebody else has nothing to really to look forward to unless three other people die.  The other bad news is that this is Kate’s second kid. She should have spaced these things out. She’s really speeding up the time frame of her tragic car accident that won’t be investigated.