The Jennifer Lawrence And Kate Upton Naked Pics Will Be In An Art Exhibit

Jennifer Lawrence Leaked Nudes


You can pretty much get away with anything if you call it “art”. Like Miley Cyrus songs and Terry Richardson sexual assault or putting hacked naked photos on some canvas then serving wine and cheese to people who want to see Jennifer Lawrence’s tits ironically.

Following the hacking scandal seen ’round the world, LA artist XVALA has decided to display the leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton in his “No Delete” art show coming in October. The photos will be on printed on canvas, and will be life-sized and completely unaltered. On Sept. 3, Cory Allen Contemporary Art (CACA) announced in a press release that JLaw and Kate’s pics will be the latest addition to XVALA’s “Fear Google” Campaign. The art show, titled “No Delete” displays the 7-year collection of celebrity pics that XVALA has found on Google “in their most vulnerable and private moments, that were comprised by either hackers or the paparazzi.”

Wait, Kate Upton’s rack is gonna be printed on a huge canvas and completely unaltered? How much are tickets to this thing? Are they available on Ticketmaster and can I bring my own beer? You don’t want me drinking wine around those.