Carrie Underwood Will Be Your Superbowl Halftime Show

Carrie Underwood


My jaw has to unhinge like a snake to fully express this yawn.

Every year the Superbowl is America’s most watched show. Some people tune in for the football action, while others enjoy watching the million dollar advertisements. Aside from the football action, the biggest part of Superbowl Sunday is most certainly the Halftime Show. We’re being told this year’s performer already has serious ties to the National Football League. A few inside sources revealed to us that Carrie Underwood most likely will be doing the super bowl halftime show this year. Football fans already know her from Sunday Night Football, and country music is more mainstream than ever. Can’t go wrong with this pick.-TO

Carrie Underwood is hot and all and I guess she can sing, but Superbowl halftime shows are always boring (yes, even Beyonce’s), so not sure why this one should be any different. I just hope she sings her hits “Jesus Take This Bat” and “When I Destroy Property Because I’m Crazy.” Wait, it’s “Jesus Take The Wheel” and “When He Cheats”. I always confuse those two songs where she prays to Jesus to drive a car and the one where she doesn’t pray to control her emotions. Like, Jesus doesn’t even have a valid driver’s license or even liability insurance. Most Jesus’ you know don’t.