Selena Gomez Has Thoughts On The Israel/Palestine Thing

Selena Gomez Israel


When your misinformed political opinion clashes with another person’s misinformed political opinion,  shit gets real on social media. So you can understand when Selena Gomez asked for prayers for all of humanity, including Gaza,  that people who believe they know what God thinks had to set her ass straight. (Also, God doesn’t exist).

After Selena Gomez‘s Instagram feed became rife with comments debating about the humanity of Israel’s attacks on Gaza, the singer posted a follow-up photo to let her fans know what she’s really thinking. “And of course to be clear, I am not picking any sides. I am praying for peace and humanity for all!” she captioned a photo of a serene seaside sunset. Gomez’s original Instagram post with “Pray For Gaza” polarized some of her fans, who threatened to unfollow her for seemingly supporting Gaza’s side. 

OMG, you guys! ISRAEL HAS A RIGHT TO EXIST!! I guess where they’re at is the best place they could find, because they get chased out of every other place they try to live. Except, of course, Hollywood. Israel is basically if the Pilgrims set up Jamestown then didn’t get any further then spent the next 70 years wondering why everyone who was already there wanted to kill them. But as usual, God’s plan is for Israel to have squatter’s rights and to ignore notices from their landlord because of some Biblical Stand Your Ground bullshit. Yes, shooting missiles over a wall because you think you deserve to live in a place that belongs to somebody else sounds pretty much in keeping with what the Bible says. And that really is faith in action. Shooting missiles and what not.  The Bible is cool, because you can interpret what is says either literally or symbolically depending on what narrative you’re trying to push. But just know, that when I come to your house, walk around it seven times, then say it’s mine because God told me I could live there, you’re gonna have to pack your shit and move out, because it’s God’s plan. You can’t argue with God’s plan, you guys.