Katy Perry Is Mad “Roar” Wasn’t Nominated For A VMA

Katy Perry Twitter


Because a MTV VMA is the true barometer of an artist’s success (haha “artist”), Katy Perry is understandably upset that the video for “Roar” wasn’t nominated for a VMA this year. I mean, it’s her in a jungle showing off her tits and swinging on vines and things like that. It’s pretty groundbreaking stuff. She even wrote the lyrics by going online and hitting refresh on a cliche randomizer, so it should be obvious to anyone that she put a lot of effort into this album. Just check the track listing. “Walking on Air”, “It Takes Two”, “By The Grace of God”, “Choose Your Battles”, “Dark Horse”, etc. Like David Bowie, Jackson Pollock, and other geniuses before her, she’s going through her cliche period, and one day MTV will look back and regret the day they snubbed such a landmark album. Until then, she’s getting pissy and passive aggressive on Twitter by telling the world she gets a bunch of views on YouTube. So did the dramatic chipmunk. So maybe shut up and take off your top? That would be ideal. Cool, thanks.