Beyonce Might Be Pregnant

Beyonce Pregnant


Beyonce is pregnant!” rumors happen all the time, so here’s another one I guess. can now OFFICIALLY CONFIRM that Beyonce is pregnant. We’ve heard RUMORS about Bey in recent weeks, but yesterday we CONFIRMED IT. What evidence do we have? Well first we have the PHOTOS – look closely at the below pic, you can CLEARLY see a tummy on Bey – which is VERY unusual at this stage of the tour where she’s DANCING DANG NEAR EVERY NIGHT. Second, and more importantly we got SNITCH INFORMATION. An MTOer that is VERY CLOSE with rapper Lil Kim. You see Lil Kim was BACKSTAGE at Jay and Bey’s New Jersey concert last night. And she told her FRIEND everything that happened. The snitch told us, “Lil Kim came back and told us that Bey’s pregnant. . . Kim bought a bottle of champagne for her old friends Jay and Bey – but Bey didn’t drink any. Kim asked her ‘what’s going on are you . . .?’ and before Kim could finish Beyonce just started smiling and said yes.” We’re told that Jay and Bey plan on announcing her status later on in the tour. By the looks of Bey’s tummy, we’d say she’s about four months along. Congrats Jay and Bey – hopefully the new child will help get your marriage back on track. Thi sis a EXCLUSIVE, it contains 100% FACTS.

Please keep in mind that their source is Lil Kim, so feel free to draw your own conclusions. But who knows, it might be true. Because after her husband has been accused of banging everyone he works with and her sister damaged her brand for being an unhinged maniac, Beyonce seems like the kind of person who would think a new baby would make everything better.  This simply isn’t true. Fried chicken makes everything better.