Emma Watson Got Her Housekeeper In A Home Depot Parking Lot

emma watson


Sorry. Had to put this in terms that most of you would understand.

Immigration officials are investigating claims that Emma Watson’s American housekeeper could have worked for her illegally in the UK. Reports suggest that the maid might have worked for the actress at her £2million London home while she held a tourist visa. Tourist visas bar foreign citizens from working in the UK. The housekeeper, who is thought to have started working for Watson at her New York apartment at the start of 2013, was reportedly stopped by UK immigration staff, who questioned how she intended to fund her stay in Britain. Border Agency officials started the probe after they received a complaint that she was paid to aid the actress at her home in Islington and subsequently travelled to London on and off. A source at the Home Office told The Independent that they "wouldn't routinely comment on individual cases". It is alleged that the housekeeper spent three months in Britain between September 2013 and February 2014. Her employment at Watson’s home is understood to have come to an end at the beginning of February. Civil penalties of up to £10,000 per worker can be imposed by Home Office chiefs on bosses who are found to have breached immigration guidelines.

Jesus, instead wasting billions of dollars on a publicly funded healthcare system that ensures all of their citizens don't have to sell their daughters into slavery to get a hip transplant, England should build a fence around the whole country, because how long will they sit idly by while Americans steal their jobs? Or Parliament can vote to shut down all the McDonald's. Americans would flee on their own on rafts if Americans actually knew how to build things anymore. They'd probably just tweet about it.