Selena Gomez Is Getting A New Rack For Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez


I approve this message.

Selena Gomez, we’ve learned exclusively at that you are considering getting a boob job so you can be even sexier than you already are — and it’s all for Justin Bieber! Unfortunately, we hear from a source close to you that you are feeling less than confident about yourself, and it’s because you are so afraid of losing Justin again. Your roller coaster relationship with Justin has definitely been a self-esteem-killer for you and we understand that, but we don’t want you to make a regrettable, permanent decision because of it. “Selena is putting a huge amount of pressure on herself because she’s afraid of losing Justin,” an insider reveals exclusively to “She feels like she needs to be the hottest girl in the world to keep his attention. She’s studied every girl that he hooked up with while they were broken up, at least the ones she knows about, and compared herself to them down to every last detail."

No disrespect to HollywoodLife, but let's calm down to see how this all plans out, because bigger boobs is never a bad idea. And I'm not sure what's happening, but this makes the second time I've kinda defended Justin Bieber. He's a douche and an idiot, but good job on emotionally manipulating a hot chick into thinking she's not. That's becoming a lost skill. Like most NBA GMs, I tend to draft on potential. Selena Gomez is a raw prospect with plenty of upside.