Jennifer Garner Can’t Even With Ben Affleck’s Gambling Problem

Ben Affleck Gambling

Ben Affleck got banned from a casino last month for counting cards or something. He's still gambling apparently.

Affleck, 41, has been seen spotted at Detroit-area casinos when he's off the clock filming as Batman for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. But though tabloid rumors have buzzed that his gambling hobby is causing strain on his marriage to wife Jennifer Garner, a source close to the family says their relationship is solid. "She never understood his gambling obsession and she doesn't want him to be in the news [for it],” says the source in PEOPLE’s new issue. “[But] she's the most patient wife ever and is still very much in love with Ben."

Kinda weird to think that Aflleck is some kinda degenerate gambler, but he did what you should normally do when your wife/gf doesn't like something: he just threw a bunch of diamonds at the problem and Jennifer is cool now. But if Affleck needs me to talk to somebody in a casino, I can call some people. Lemme start a fire first and find a blanket I don't mind getting burned.