Kim Kardashian Has A Butt Gym In Her House

Kim Kardashian

Of course she does.

Have you ever heard of a "booty room"? Neither had we until we stumbled upon a rumor today that actually seems kind of believable given the recent Kimye happenings. Nevermind walls of roses or wedding celebrations at Versailles, outlets are reporting a rumor that Kim Kardashian has dedicated an entire room in her new Bel-Air mansion to beautifying, toning, and pampering her butt, and they're calling it a "booty room." So what does that involve exactly? Butt-toning gym equipment, including the ProForm Booty Firm, the Yukon Fitness Butt, and Thigh Shaper, the Suzanne Somers Buttmaster, and a range of butt-toning belts and resistance bands, the reports are saying. It doesn't stop there. There's also talk of a cellulite-busting "area" (whatever that means) and a bum-spa (whatever that means).

So does she just hang laundry in this room or what, because her ass has looked like a busted can of biscuits for like 10 years. You don't need a room in your house for that, you need outpatient surgery and a recovery room with candles. And while you're there you can give Ashley Greene the keys and wow that banner picture looks really Photoshopped.