Ireland Baldwin Does Galore

Ireland Baldwin Galore


Ireland Baldwin did a shoot and interview with Galore that's let's all you lovely ladies know how you can look like this in a bikini. Not sure why you would.

"My diet consisted of Cup of Noodles and bagels, so I needed the yoga pants to hold it all together. When I stepped into this world and truly got a feeling for what it's all about, I literally said to myself, "oh s—t." Now the IMG model and Vanity Fair "It Girl" knows how to get her body bikini-ready on the regular. "The only way to feel good in a bikini is to treat your body right. Eat clean. Train. Stretch. Tone. Wear a bikini that suits your body type. Get your cheeks sandy. It's cute. Do squats. Take it low, take it way lower then that. Ha," the 6 ft. 2 inch model laughed.

Did she know what picture they were going to use before she gave that quote? I mean, because if you're advice is to "eat clean" and "do squats", it might carry more weight if you, you know, looked like you actually did those thing. I don't know how much lower she can go, but maybe she should make her squat stance a litte wider. Like maybe straddle a volcano.