Miley Cyrus Hates Selena Gomez Or Something


This is your second Miley Cyrus post today! Aren't you excited?! I know I'm excited. Preeeeety excited. How exciting is it to learn that Miley Cyrus was perfoming in Milan when a fan either threw a cardboard thing with Selena Gomez's face on it on stage or Miley Cyrus snatched the cardboard thing with Selena Gomez's face on it from the fan who was just holding it? This has become a story because Miley was singing "FU" while all of the either throwing or snatching was happening. Lots of twists and turns! What a great story so far! Especially when you realize this is all about context. Like, if Miley was singing the theme song to Hannah Montana then we would assume that Selena Gomez was illegally enrolled in a high school and her father was B-Real.