The MPAA Banned This Poster For ‘Sin City 2’

Sin City 2 Banned Poster


The Motion Picture Association of America, and their irrational fear of the female body and orgasm, have took it upon themselves to ban this poster for Sin City 2 that depicts Eva Green and her boobs for being "too racy". Please keep in mind that we all just saw Hugh Jackman's naked ass in X-Men: Days Of Future Past for no other reason than "hey, look. here's Hugh Jackman's naked ass". But you show a hint of titty and the world might collapse on itself. I happen to enjoy breasts a great deal, as do a lot of people. The female form is the most beautiful thing that has ever been created or ever will be created. That's why there's 7 billion of us living here right now. The only reason I ever pull out now is because I'm trying to improve my credit score.