Jay Z And Beyonce Made A Trailer For Their Tour Or Whatever



So, yeah. Apparently Jay Z and Beyonce didn't have enough money in their household budget to cover self-awareness, because in the trailer for Run (a promotional film for their upcoming On The Run tour) they play two criminals who carry assault weapon in an elevator, but none of these weapons look like Solange. It also star Sean Penn as White Guy Giving Advice, Don Cheadle as Black Guy Playing Cards, Blake Lively As White Friend Who Is Always In Up Your Damn Business, That One Mexican Dude As The Mexican Guy, Jake Gyllenhaal As Crazy White Guy With The Knife, Emmy Rossum As Police Officer Who Needs More Target Practice, and Beyonce and Jay Z as Blaxploitation Bonnie and Clyde Who Are On The Run Because Of Their Various Criminal Actives Although In Real Life Beyonce's Little Sister Beat Up Jay Z While Wearing A Wig. Enjoy!