A Lot Of People Didn’t Like This

Irina Shayk


As long as it has a popular, trending hashtag and doesn't happen in America, celebrities and millennials love attaching themselves to tragedies, so it didn't take long for both of these groups to take selfies with signs like that would somehow bring back the 230 school girls who were kidnapped from the Chibok Government Secondary School by Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria on April 15th. But for some reason Irina Shayk took it next level and did it topless, because I guess she thought "Chibok" was Nigerian for "mastecomy". CUE THE FEIGNED OUTRAGE!!!

Shayk, the model girlfriend of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, recently joined the cause — by posting a picture of herself holding a sign in front of her naked torso. A number of observers blasted her decision to pose nude as “tasteless” and “ignorant” given the subject matter. “You disgraceful wretch,” said one commenter. “Put your clothes back on, idiot.” Another noted, “This is extremely ignorant and dumb. Holding this hash tag in front of your boobs as if it was some kind of Miss America badge. Seriously? THIS.IS.NOT.ABOUT.YOU.”

There are millions of children missing in the United States, but please keep in mind, they don't have an identifiable hashtag that will get you more followers and they are still in places you can pick out on a map. But, really, who gives a shit if Irina Shayk did this topless? She's a model. What did you want her to pose in, a cap a gown? Just be glad she spelled all the words right.