Kanye Might Be Cheating On Kim With Pia Mia

Kanye West Kim Kardashian


This is Kanye's "E! won't let me out my contractual obligation to marry this ho" face


In March, Radar Online published a story claiming Kim Kardashian was getting jealous over Kanye West's relationship with his new protege, 17-year old singer Pia Mia (her). Mia claimed the relationship was strictly professional, but apparently they've been "flirty and romantic". Then DUN DUN DUUUUN.

So, with all this gossip flying around, Pia must have known what she was doing when she posted the Instagram photo below with the caption “@TheOtherWomanMovie trailer…story of my life. Guna be so hilarious! #OtherWoman #sp”.

Feel free to read into this however you want, since everybody else seems to be, but if you listen to Kanye, he truly believes Kim is the most beautiful woman in the world despite plenty of evidence that she's not. So I don't know if he would cheat on her with a 17-year old who looks like a swap meet Rihanna. Or he might, because please keep in mind that Kim Kardashian is insufferably annoying and an unhinged narcissist. But then again, so is Kanye. This is way too confusing for a Monday