Lindsay Said She Had A Miscarriage

Lindsay Lohan Miscarriage


In the two-hour finale of her reality show last night, Lindsay Lohan claims she suffered a miscarriage. I'm not going to sit here and make fun of a physical and emotional nightmare that men are thankfully unable to experience first hand, but please keep in mind, Lindsay Lohan is a compulsive liar.

"No one knows this, and we can finish after this, I had a miscarriage for the two weeks that I took off," the troubled actress said, fighting tears.

After a long pause, she said, "It's a very long story," and offered no other details. Lohan, 27, had the miscarriage, she explained, during the much-discussed two weeks she reportedly held up production of the series. "I was sick. And mentally that messes with you," she said.

To be honest, a miscarriage was probably the best result for both parties. The baby won't have to grow up as Lindsay's kid and Lindsay won't have to explain why she mistook cocaine for Similac.


pic source = Instagram