Happy Easter, Guys

Ashley Sky


I didn't realize Easter started today until like four hours ago, so Happy Easter. I hope you commemorate the death of a man who fought against the religious dogma of his time, while healing and feeding the sick and poor for free, with giant chocolate rabbits. I don't know, Cadbury says it has something to with Easter and corporations don't lie about things like that. Also, I didn't include a picture of Jesus in this post, because nobody really knows what he looked like. He was a Jew with a beard. I bet the Romans were glad they had such a detailed description to go off of while looking for him at night. ("And the Roman soldier said unto his friend, 'Fuuuuck.'" – Matthew 10:12) I did, however, include a picture of Ashley Sky, because I feel like Jesus would've hit that. He might come walking across this picture any minute now. Haha, cool ass trick, Jesus! Never gets old, bruh. Never gets old. Are those new shoes? Sweet.