Demi Lovato Just Basically Admitted To Leaking Her Naked Photos

Demi Lovato Leaked Nude Pics


Hey, did any of you remember who Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama were last week? Then they had some sex selfies leaked and you were like, "oh, yeah. Those people." Demi wants to keep doing that.

Demi Lovato is “livid” that naked photographs, allegedly of her and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, leaked online on April 4. But the worst part about her sexy selfie scandal is not knowing whether more pics — or possibly even a video – will be leaked, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting…“Demi has definitely come to the realization that more pics and even video might be released in the future,” a source close to the singer EXCLUSIVELY reveals to “She thinks that it will be released around a time that she has something to sell like a song, book or something that goes with her career.” It’s terrible that those intimate pics of Demi were leaked but luckily she’s got a trick up her sleeve. The singer’s 2010 stint in rehab has left her well-equipped to deal with crises like this, and she’s bent on turning this awful situation into a positive, our source says. “It is a very frustrating situation and she is figuring out the best process to deal with it. It is not consuming her day though. Thankfully, she is using some of the things she learned in rehab as a guide for how to handle things so far.”

Uh, did Will Graham give her a psychological profile of the made up person who leaked these pics? They seem to know a lot about when more naked photos will be leaked. It doesn't sound like a hacker, it sounds like a publicist. Oohh, naked pics right before something you really want to sell comes out? Does this hacker have any decency?! No, wait, it's more like when Jake Gyllenhaaal has a girlfriend right before he has a movie coming out then they break up two weeks after the premiere. You gotta subconciously remember he's a leading man, after all. I hope this clears everything up.