Miley Cyrus’ Tour Bus Basically Exploded


Cuz Miley spits dat hot fiyah. TMZ reports:

Miley Cyrus' tour bus went up in flames last night … and when we say up in flames … we mean UP IN FLAMES. Miley's sister Noah posted a series of videos on Instagram last night with the caption "Tour bus down!" She later confirmed on Twitter that no one was injured. Miley was traveling to New Orleans, where she is scheduled to play a show tonight.

They said this was caused by an exploding tire, but let's be real here. The bus caught on fire because Miley is just too much sexy for a bus. With her inbred eyes and dead, boiled chicken skin ass, the bus had no other choice but to explode in lust and passion. Or it could have been weed. Or the tire. I was totally kidding about all that other stuff. Miley Cyrus is very unattractive is what I'm trying to say here.