Amanda Seyfried Took A Knife On A Plane, Tweeted TSA

Amanda Seyfried TSA


Possibly distracted by her huge rack, Amanda Seyfried managed to get through a TSA checkpoint and onto a commercial flight with a Swiss Army knife on Friday. Normally you shouldn't be scared of tiny white girls with knives, but you know what Amanda Seyfried does for fun? Taxidermy. Amanda Seyfried stuffs dead animals in her spare time. I met her once at The Village Idiot, and she looked like I could pick her up and put her in my pocket even though she had on heels. And Josh Harnett was wearing two scarves. Not sure where I'm going with this, but taxidermy is weird. Is that owl looking at me? That owl is looking at me. Look, get up for a second. Now just…no, flip your leg over that way. Ok, now sit back down on it. Yeah, just bend over and….there ya go. There ya go…yeah….like that.