Lady Gaga Let Some Chick Vomit On Her At SXSW


Look, I'm all about art for art's sake and self-expression through it, but apparently there is something called "vomit painting" that's, like, a real thing. Long story short, they vomit paint. Because, I don't know, their parents didn't hug them enough. So, naturally, Lady Gaga found one and let her vomit on her on stage during her performance at SXSW. R Kelly needs to step up his game. Pissing on underage girls is so 2009. TMZ reports:

Lady Gaga's antics are sometimes inducing, but this is ridiculous … last night at her SXSW show, she actually let some chick VOMIT ALL OVER HER while she performed. The vomiter is no amateur … she's actually a "vomit painter" (actual profession) named Millie Brown, who is known for drinking various liquids and then vomiting them up onto a canvas. In this case … the canvas was Lady Gaga. Gaga was playing drums on a song called "Swine" when Brown, after drinking neon green liquid, proceeded to stand over her, stick her fingers down her throat, and vomit the green liquid all over Gaga.

I made the mistake of drinking a protein shake whil watching the video, and let me tell you, it wasn't the most pleasant experience I've ever had. It wasn't very pleasant at all. Usually when somebody vomits green liquid on you they are possessed by by the devil or 100-pound white girl at a St. Patrick's Day bar crawl. They're pretty much the same thing.