Taylor Swift Cut Off Selena Gomez Because Of Biebs

Taylor Swift


Side eye game too strong


I guess it's hard to leave a dude who pisses in mop buckets and got you pregnant then forced you to have an abortion, because Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are now apparently back together. And Taylor Swift no like. She no like at all (see pic above).

If Justin Bieber is your boyfriend, Taylor Swift would let you go! The "Red" singer, 24, has distanced herself from former best friend Selena Gomez after the Disney star reconnected with her infamous ex-boyfriend, 20, sources confirm to Us Weekly. Swift is disgusted that the pair are back together, cutting off her bestie after tweeting just last July that Gomez was "the closest thing I've ever had to a sister." 

If Selena Gomez is the closest thing she's ever had to a sister, then I don't think she knows what sister means. I could see if "Justin Bieber" was street slang for heroin or Selena tried to get Taylor to sell Amway, but she's just dating a douche. Not need to be a bitch about it, just give it time and let is pass because it eventually will. Or maybe Taylor is mad that her friend has a boyfriend. Chicks are like that. Seriously. Some guys were talking about it my Magic: The Gathering party last night. I made some lemon cookies everyone seemed to enjoy. Pretty wild night.