Ireland Baldwin Is Single

Ireland Baldwin


Since she couldn't bring herself to write "Ireland Trout" at the DMV, Ireland Baldwin split from her boyfriend, Slater Trout. Read that name again. Damn, bro. Sources say Woody Allen got excited for a second then realized she was legal. Sad times.

 E! News has exclusively learned from the 18-year-old beauty herself that she is no longer in a relationship with her surfing beau. So what was the main cause for the breakup? "I am focusing on work and school now," she explained when asked how the big decision came about. The two began dating back in 2013 and had been very public about their affection for one another on their social media accounts in the past. Last May, the model gushed about Trout to People magazine, explaining, "I would say he is my best friend. We have our moments but that's rare. We can act stupid in public, private or wherever and we are always laughing."

I chose not to use her face as a banner pic, because sometimes she looks hot and sometimes she looks like she pees standing up when nobody is watching. So, here's a pic of her ass instead. Not much really going on there either. I really didn't have too many options as you can clearly see.


pic source = Asstagram