Farrah Abraham Says She Wants To Be A “Virgin Forever”

Farrah Abraham


In addition to being horrifically unattractive and just weird looking, like seriously, have you really looked at her? She's fucking weird looking. Anyway, in addition to that, she's next level dumb. One of the drawbacks of being a being a spoiled princess, is that everyone else in the world aren't your parents. Only they blindly believe your bullshit. So, now, the chick who has been caught in so many lies she should be a dolphin in Japan, is now telling everyone that she hates sex and wants to be a virgin or a nun. Read that last part again. I know, dude. I know. Celebuzz reports:

Sorry, guys. Farrah Abraham has given up on the back door… and the front door, for that matter….In fact, she’s so disenchanted with movie-making love-making that not only ruined her life, but her sex life as well. So she’s taking a vow of celibacy. Cue applause. “People use sex for power and manipulation when sex is supposed to be enjoyable and great,” she told Life & Style. “I don’t feel that, I want to be a virgin forever — or a nun. “I don’t feel like sex is what it used to be.”

I mean, you'd think that someone who had a porn star blow in her face and another human come out of her vagina, would know the meaning of the word "virgin" by now, but apparently not. Yes, sex isn't the same anymore because you're a porn star now. Sex is only great when you're inot the person and that person is into you. If not, you're just jerking off into a human. She's a self-proclaimed Christian, so it's no surprise that she thinks she can just make something up in her head and it'll happen. I've read the Bible more than once, and I don't remember Jesus laying hands on any hymens. Jesus didn't do hymens. Curing blindness, keeping the party going, beating the shit out of capitalists, stuff like that. No hymens as I recall. He did catch wicked air on his jetski that one time. Oh man, that Jesus! Always showing off!