Daniel Craig Leaves Very Specific Voicemails

Daniel Craig


Long story short, Daniel Craig was dating Sienna Miller while filming Layer Cake in 2004. He then banged Kate Moss and fell in love with her vagina. Somehow Jude Law fought out and somebody from the Sunday Mirror hacked Craig's phone so now we're here. Daily Mirror reports:

Daniel Craig left Kate Moss a voicemail message declaring his love for her, a court heard today. Former News of the World reporter Dan Evans told the Old Bailey he intercepted a message from Mr Craig while working at the Sunday Mirror. The message said, 'I love you, I love you, I love you,' the court was told. Mr Craig and supermodel Ms Moss were widely rumoured to be dating for a few months in 2004, but never publicly confirmed the relationship.

Before you profess your love for a chick, you first have to make sure she's not an easily manipulated ho. That's step one. You should also make sure you're not dating anyone at the time or have Jude Law as a friend.


But Kate Moss tho: