Wilmer Valderrama Proposed To Demi Lovato

Wilmer Valderrama


Wilmer Valderrama has pounded so much Disney ass he gets a free park hopper pass for life, but it looks like he's finally found one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. The cutter who will do butt stuff if you have coke. Hollywood Life reports:

Sounds like things are getting hot hot hot between Wilmer and Demi! After we told you he had been ring shopping, a new report claims that they had a serious talk about the future — and now he’s ready to pop the question! Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama have had a roller coaster of a relationship, but it sounds like they’re going strong! Right before Thanksgiving, Tiffany & Co. confirmed to HollywoodLife.com that he bought a ring for his girlfriend. However, he had to make a change before proposing, according to a new report…This doesn’t come as a surprise. When HollywoodLife.com spoke to employees at Tiffanys, they said he was super excited buying the ring….“We all talked about it afterwards because he was so darn nice!” the employee said, but couldn’t confirm it was an engagement ring. “He chose a really classic, beautiful ring. Demi is going to be a happy girl when she gets it. He didn’t say what it was for but he was really excited and happy — he seemed like any other guy getting ready to pop the question.”

I was in Santa Monica two years ago, and on the same day, two seperate white girls came up to me and asked for my autograph. One thought I was Wilmer Valderrama, and the other said, "oohh, you played Kristin Dunst's boyfriend in that one movie!". I still have no idea who I was supposed to be there. Long story short, if you're a brown guy in Santa Monica without a leaf blower, people will think you're famous. Anyway, that's all I got. Congrats to the happy couple, I guess.