Kim And Kanye’s Wedding Will Be An E! Special Because Duh

Kanye West Kim Kardashian


When two people get married and one of those people believes he's god and couldn't legally marry himself, and the other one would let the Seahawks run a train on her during the Superbowl to help grow her mom's brand, of course their wedding will be scripted and filmed for a cable network. You thought it wouldn't? Dummy. Radar Online reports:

The entire “fairytale” event WILL be filmed for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, a multi-million dollar affair where most of the costs will be covered by the producers behind their hit E! series. “Kim has always wanted to be a June bride and she is finally going to get her wish,” a source close to the couple revealed to Radar. “Kim and Kanye have narrowed down the wedding location, which is being kept a secret at this point. It will be on the outskirts of Paris.” Added the insider, “Kim persuaded Kanye to let the cameras roll because E! will pick up most of the cost of the wedding and it’s a lot easier for a network to deal with logistics of a foreign wedding than if it were just the two of them planning it.”

At 33, this will be Kim Kardashian's third marriage in 14 years, so if my math is correct, her marriage to Kanye West will last 4.6 years. Which is substantially longer than her marriage to Kris Humphries which lasted a whole 72 days. That's one day for every hour that dude was trapped in a mountain before he cut his arm off. That would be a great, natural way for Kim to lose weight btw. What? Please. She can always Photosop in an arm.