Beyonce Slayed The Grammys

If you missed the Grammys because you're a person with a soul who had better shit to do, the only thing you need to be concerned with is Beyonce's peformance of "Drunk In Love", because well, goddamn. Unless they are emotionally stunted douches who are still trying to prove their manhood by banging everything that walks in the bar, Beyonce is the kind of woman every man wants. On the other hand, he doesn't want a woman who easily falls for that bullshit either. There's a reason she called the Queen. She shines on her own and Jay Z is perfectly happy with that. mostly because its sexy hell and he couldn't do anything about it if he tried. We're they're not together, she's running shit. he's running shit, and when they're together she's banging his brains out and making a connection that nobody else could ever touch. Except maybe cancer. Marrying Beyonce is the greatest thing Jay Z has ever done or will ever do. And keep in mind this is the same man who released Reasonable Doubt.


Get your Plan B ready: