Selena Gomez Got A New Piece

Selena Gomez is at the Sundance Film Festival to promote some movie that's not Spring Breakers, and while she was there, she hooked up with some dude that's not Justin Bieber. Looks like my prayer circle worked. E! News reports:

The 21-year-old singer was seen looking cozy with an as-yet unidentified new guy at a party celebrating her new film, where Gomez also treated fellow revelers to an intimate performance of "Come and Get It." But while sources tell E! News that the guy was likely just a friend and Selena is single, an eyewitness says that she and the mystery man stayed close throught the evening. "He didn't leave her side," the insider said. "The pair hung out in a corner. Selena was in good spirits and was seen dancing to music as he watched her admirably."

Cool, good for him. For her sake, let's hope he's not a douche who orders seduction manuals online and is actually the exact opposite of Bieber. You'd be amazed how many chicks get that backwards. Also, I'd really like a pizza. Huh? Oh, it's not really pertinent to this conversation, just saying I want a pizza. What, my feelings don't matter to you?! How are you my dad?