Jennifer Lawrence Chopped Off All Her Hair Because Of Mia Farrow

Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes


It was a sad day for penises last year when Jennifer Lawrence decided to cut all her hair off and look like Peter pan and a cashier at Whole Foods. You can blame Mia Farrow.

When Jennifer Lawrence chopped off her long locks for a supershort pixie cut, she caused a media storm. But what you may not know is who inspired her new 'do. In an interview with W magazine, the blond beauty revealed how she stays confident about her bold choice. "Whenever I start feeling like a boy, I just tell myself I look like Mia Farrow, and I'm like, 'O.K.,'" Jennifer says.

Let's hope Mia Farrow doesn't inspire the rest of Jennifer Lawrence's life, because if it does, Jennifer will probably marry David O. Russell and he'll molest their stepdaughter then take her to Laker games while Jennifer is doing humanitarian work.